Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve. The dust settles ("the" defining the pace of my, largely, professional activity over the last several weeks, while other dust - of household Christmas preparation, is stirred). Looking back over the last few weeks, I can see (the continuation of) new discoveries, beginnings, and possibilities. Looking ahead, I embrace providence, and promise. In an e-mail I received earlier this evening from a friend: "... I wish you only the best for 2008. I truly believe it will be YOUR year!!!" We all get our time to live and fulfil our calling. Oscar Peterson passed today. He relentlessly found and lived his purpose. He inspired and blessed us (me, anyway). The "old guard" continues to dwindle. I'm no Oscar Peterson, but do feel some connection to what he represented. As such, my presence "on the scene" is no less important tomorrow than yesterday, and perhaps more so. What defines the "scene" may be, all told, the story of 2008 for me. Let providence and promise play out.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Late Monday night. Where do I start? The "Do You Hear What I Hear" experience was profound, spiritual, and beyond our expectations. I'll probably come back to this subject in the coming days, as it "decompresses". The video post above is of the opening toon on the closing night. One at a time, I will post most, if not all, of the performances in order (from Sunday's concert). Click on the video link to go to my youtube channel page. Expect some musings in the video comments, as well as on this blog.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

(Late Wednesday night). Okay, let's catch up a little.
Tonite was "dress rehearsal" for the Prince Theatre concert this weekend. It's difficult to describe how strong this show is. It's worth a trip to Chestertown if you can make it. Really.
Next item - I have just completed listing myself (though still working out "bugs") on the Concerts in your Home website. please pass on the link to anyone whom you feel may be interested (or for yourself, perhaps?):
More - Just received an encouraging e-mail from Johnny, from which comes this brief excerpt:
"I work in the daytime and generally watch TV in the evening. My TV set has not been on much lately. Joe Holt's Radio Show online is the reason. I started listening to your radio shows in order from February 2, 2006 and I am now up to October 28, 2007. By the end of this week, I shall have heard them all. What wonderful, enjoyable and inspiring music and commentary. Thank you, thank you, for being online. And for being humble and noble, YOU."
Finally - It must be official now, I'm really "in" with "Holly Lane and Shore Jazz". How else could you explain this (from left - Holly, me, John, Mike)?:
What can I say?

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Late Saturday night. This is a very busy time. In addition to the seasonal busyness, the preparations are in full tilt now for our weekend of concerts at the Prince Theatre (Chestertown, Md) next week. For many reasons, and on many levels, this has developed into an outstanding program. I hope you will be able to catch a show. I can hardly begin to describe the sense of increased awareness and connection, as I learn to "listen", while "performing" (praying in public still best describes this). I am more confident of my calling then ever. And, for the first time, really, see it in a specific application (that I am working exclusively to promote), as a solo pianist, connecting with audiences in small(er) venues, and intimate settings. Had an epiphany last night, and have been able to wrap my mind around how to create opportunities for others (you?) to get involved in support of my efforts. One "arena" where I can really see what I do working is House Concerts. These performing events are held in homes that can accommodate a small audience (say, 15 or more), and are usually attended by invitation. The organized house concert movement is expanding, however, most all of these performances are in the singer/songwriter category. So for me, I will work the "grass roots". I will be working to get the December newsletter out (hopefully in the next few hours), and will begin to reach out to make this happen. If this concept gets your attention, and you would be interested in exploring it, please e-mail Kim Mills - Manager, Joe Holt's Notes Records at to get the conversatrrion started.