Saturday, October 20, 2007

Really late on Friday evening. Today was stimulating on multiple levels. Just spent the last hour (or two?) in deep (but wholly navigable) discussion with Gary (it's apparently how we wind down to sleep when we room together). Cool. So was the playing today. 2 excellent sets, all things considered. Yes, only 2 for the band. Everyone else in the band had been given additional opportunities today in alternative settings (big band, mixed band combos, etc). Once I'm in this realm longer (and those who construct these things become more aware), I'll get these opportunities as well. Even so, I would desire the band be put to more use (as it often is - today being somewhat of an anomaly). I'm enjoying the rapport, both on and off stage. I'm growing in my understanding that there are more global things to appreciate about this band - visible more clearly when stepping back and adjusting/changing the lens. As I've said before; I've arrived back on the scene at an exciting time. Now, I need to quell my enthusiasm, and get some sleep (I never told you how late it really is, and we'll leave it that way).


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