Thursday, November 10, 2005

Today, in a nursing facility on the eastern shore of Maryland, I took advantage of the opportunity to spend a music (therapy) room visit with Mrs. S. She would not ordinarily be on my "list", as she is mobile, and attends other activities. We have, however, developed a strong rapport over the many months that I was assigned to visit her husband (they shared a room). I quickly discovered that hymns and spirituals were important and meaningful to Mr. And Mrs. S. Although Mr. S., to whom I was assigned, was minimally responsive, Mrs. S. would close her eyes, move in rhythm, and sing with deep meaning to her. When Mr. S. passed away last year, I no longer had the opportunity to see Mrs. S. in her room. She still came to the large group program, but it wasn't the same. Some months later, when Mrs. S. was recovering from a hospitalization, I was "assigned" that day to see her. Mrs. S. was so tickled to see me again, and experienced such joy in the music, that I requested she be placed back on my list. It has been a joy to visit with her several times since then. When I saw her today, we concluded with Amazing Grace. Since Mrs. S. knows most all the hymn verses, I play them through several times so that she can sing them all. The last pass through of Amazing Grace she sang the repetitive phrase "Praise God" throughout. It was a powerful few moments. Mrs. S. truly was praising God. I was too.


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