Monday, November 14, 2005

Though I have not really thought about it much before now, I kind of have a two part approach to my professional schedule. The weekends (in addition to my church work and concerts) tend to be the more "normal' (what does that mean?) jazz gigs, in contrast to the senior citizen entertainment and music therapy work throughout the week. Though all having the same essence, the three gigs this past weekend may have appeared to approach jazz from three different angles. Friday night was a jazz duo gig at Sullivan's with Steve Beskrone on bass. This approach, although stylistically themed (which, because of the jazz/swing theme of the restaurant makes me fit right in), is about the improvisation and the interaction between the (two) musicians. Saturday night's gig was a swing dance with Alan Dale's New Legacy Jazz Band. That was fun too. Playing for dancers (remember that, for a time in it's development, jazz was dance music) creates a different context, with (in contrast to the night before) different instrumentation, but the improvisation and interaction remain. Last night's gig was a jazz vespers worship service in Chestertown with Sue Matthews and the Joe Holt Trio (not unlike a small version of the New Legacy Jazz Band). Though all three gigs were strong, last night is where it all came together for me. I am reminded (over and again) that God is often at work in artistic communication (whatever the gig), and the still small voice may well carry a tune.


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