Monday, October 22, 2007

The day just goes and goes, and I wind up posting in the middle of the night. anyway, the festival is now over, and Gary and I are "tidying up". Today, we played our hymn sets, to an enthusiastic audience, starting in a church in Ketchum that participates in the festival each year by inviting us (and another band for the early service) for jazz worship. If it wasn't so late, I could go on about the experience. the pastor of the Presbyterian Church of the Big Wood, I learned, studied personally under Brian Mclaren. i knew though that something was up when he used the words missional, existential, and story early in the service. A very good message, and a good morning. We eventually got to the "finale", and, although only a brief band selection, I was able to be heard by some of the other musicians (who were waiting their turn), as rapports continue to develop. One final "afterglow" set, and here we are. Final note: THANK YOU to Paul and Liz Midiri for letting me use their laptop this weekend, as i lost the power cord to mine on the way out here. Next week, mine can be the community laptop.


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