Monday, October 13, 2008

Riding in the dark back to the airport, From Hannibal to (meet me in) St. Louis. 58 miles to go. Another successful gig to an enthusiastic crowd last night. After the gig, while trying to find a place to eat that was open, we stumbled onto Joe’s Diner. This was a real deal, blue collar, Hannibal, MO, greasy plate Joe’s diner. Jimmy had his second fish sandwich of the day (first cod, then catfish). Danny’s pancakes were the diameter of a small car tire. The pie was great. Then back to the hotel to collapse. Roomed with Jimmy last night. Ed (in the adjacent room) set his alarm for 5am and said he would wake us up. At 5am there comes a bang on the wall. Our wake up call, perfect for Hannibal, MO. Speaking of Ed, it didn’t take long for him to fire up his I-Pod, and grace us with his 40 million jazz toon library, as has been the atmosphere for all the car travel. An enthusiastic chap, Ed is. Required, at some level, for this business.


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