Sunday, October 05, 2008

It's over. And a great experience it was! Click on the photo to enlarge.
Bottom, from left: Ray, Tom, Kerissa, Shannon, Nina, Rebbecca, Samantha, Felicia, Stacey, Trevor, Ron.
Top, from left: Steve (fearless leader), Jane, Brian, Marsha, Josh, Owen, Ryan, Herb, me, Kate, Charie'.
Everyone agrees that we broke new ground (for Church Hill Theatre) with this show. Ultimately, both Steve's vision, and my own, were realized (to, at least, a considerable extent). The cast worked long, hard, and sacrificially, and, at the end, owned this performance. The musicians moved this score beyond a "proper" reading of the printed music, to a place of genuine "Island" authenticity. One cast member joked that prior to the arrival of the "orchestra" for dress rehearsals and performances, they were preparing "Once on This Cul-De-Sac". In the end, we accomplished what I laid out to the cast in our first music rehearsal: we found consensus, and the groove. Kudos to all!


Blogger Jessica said...

Is this the Joey Holt who is my cousin of some sort?

Tuesday, October 07, 2008  
Blogger Joe Holt said...

I have many cousins I don't really know, but all on my mother's side. You actually look familiar, but I don't think it's possible. "Ironical" that all my relatives (including cousins I hardly know) still call me Joey :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008  

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