Tuesday, August 12, 2008

One final photo from the festival, this time of our hotel - which housed all of the musicians (and some of the guests), and contributed one performance venue (which we did not work this year) to the event. Much of our time was spent walking back and forth across the highway.
Yesterday was our travel day home, and I must say, I continue to be impressed with Southwest Airlines. I'll see Paul Midiri again on Saturday night, as he is subbing for Mike on the Crabber's Cove gig. The rest of the band, though, not until after the cruise. That's another story for another time. Speaking of stories, am thinking about another blog. Not a journal this time, but a place for more lengthy articles and commentary on politics, religion, and art. Playing with a little essay today, provoked when I heard Nancy Pelosi say (clearly) that global warming is reversible by using alternative energy sources. Now we're so much more potent than nature that we can not only "destroy the planet" with our behavior, we can also heal it. Yes, our country was founded on central government directed responsible living... okay, stop now. I'll let you know if that blog ever gets going. Then you can say it, and you won't be the first - "stick to playing the piano" :)


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