Saturday, July 26, 2008

Now in Conneticut, at the festival with the Midiri crew. Late Friday night, after our sets, but, at present, I can’t set a suifficient (cell phone) signal so as to get on line (to access this blog). Instead I am entering this into my personal journal to copy in when able. Will avoid photos this time, because the internet connection, when I do have one, is slow (dial up speed). Add to this that I forgot to bring my computer power cord/charger, so I want to limit time on the laptop. The drive up was draining, especially for Ed (Wise), who drove. I think the limited sleep caught up with me more this afternoon than now (nearly 1am). We had 2 sets tonite, which, all things considered, went well. All outdoor tent venues, in the hot and humid summer. Tomorrow will be interesting. Hey, got a signal now, so I’ll try to post this. See you tomorrow!


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