Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back to the grind. Much grinding ahead, as auditions for "Once On This Island" begin on Saturday, and rehearsals begin a week later. Am heavy into shedding (not shredding) the book now. 254 pages of reading - fine for a normal musician, however, for many years I've done very little reading. Not my strong suit anyway. Challenges are good. Finally completed listening to the soundtrack today (I do things like this in lots of small segments), and am moved by it. Good thing, as I'll be living with it for some time. Also - changed my mind about posting from the pianorama (my solo set) at the Mammoth festival. As of yesterday, had whittled it down to just one toon (from a half-hour set). Tonite, though, after watching it through, have decided to post the set in it's entirety (separated in to individual posts for each toon), and am now re-ripping the video. Over the next few days, you'll likely see the set grow, one post at a time, on my 2008 YouTube channel. Not my best playing, but I'll put my pride aside (can't help but to keep it close by, though) to share the "pianorama" experience. Have also been reviewing another nursing home program for posting. Honestly, the nursing home set (playing-wise) is a good notch above the festival set (as is often the case with things like this). Guess this just means I've more to learn about "losing myself" in "pressure" situations. That's okay - I feel there's been real progress here. Though I struggled in the festival set - especially toward the beginning, it's nothing that jumps out at you. My "low points" are quite far (it feels) above where they were some years ago. God has provided much encouragement in recent years, and months, and days.


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