Wednesday, June 18, 2008

As if I didn't have enough to do, or keep straight, have now discovered video "annotations" on YouTube. After uploading a video, one can go in and add text boxes, to create an added dimension to the post. Well, you know me, once I get started (absorbed) with something... This video is the first attempt. It appears, however, that the annotations do not export out when a video is embedded somewhere else - like here. click through (on) the video to be taken to the actual post. In addition to (planning to) add this to all new posts, I will try and go back, one video at a time, and see what damage can be caused. Since I'll work backward in (posting) time, you'll find the annotations starting with the latest post on the 2008 channel, and (increasingly) extending back. Things like this are how I seem to handle feeling increasingly stretched with my time :) Go figure.


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