Friday, May 16, 2008

It's fun (for me, anyway) when things are swirling around - and lately, they have been, especially today. The summer gigs are starting to fill in. I might remain a little behind for a time in posting dates out in my schedule, but it'll get there. Speaking of getting there:
-Closing in on my goal of 50,000 youtube views by the 1 year "anniversary" of posting - 6/3/08. Right now at 47,500, and with a pace of around 2,000/week (and accelerating), it's looking good!
-In addition to the gig schedule (public and private) filling out, the long term goal of growth in solo piano concerts is staying on the tracks. Check out the schedule for info on my concert at the Prince (Chestertown) in November. More will be coming.
What I have finally come to understand, however, is that my YouTube channels are my most important concert, making new "connections" daily. The encouragement and camaraderie has been great! Suggestion - if you are inclined to "subscribe" to my YouTube videos (for which you must be a YouTube member), sign up for the JoeHoltsNotes2008 channel. This is where the current posting is happening.


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