Sunday, April 27, 2008

A busy weekend (of gigging) - and fun. Perhaps the highlight was subbing this morning for the regular pianist of Dixieland Direct for a Sunday brunch in DC. It's fun to make new associations - even more so when your contribution is greeted with "Where have you been?". I knew this was coming (more than they did), in that these guys (and in particular the clarinetist) are coming right out of that Benny Goodman era bag that I have been steeped in. They just didn't (fully) know that until this morning. Often, for jazz musicians of a more traditional bent, the sidemen you hire are contemporary jazz guys who know how to adjust, or accommodate - which will fill the bill. In any pursuit, however, it's exhilarating to find people who are coming from the same place you are. It was fun for all of us this morning. Despite the confidence I have as a solo performer, it is nice to be appreciated as a sideman. This is a change from some recent experience (no further comment), and is welcome.
Wrote a long private journal entry the other day about mistakes and miscalculations I have made. and feel on firmer footing now. Keep in touch with my Youtube channels, as they continue to grow. This is the (current) means by which the music touches the most people. Oh - and about that opportunity referenced last post; although it would have been potentially a good opportunity (in Colorado!), I'm relieved that upheaval didn't happen. Continue to feel like I settling back, and digging in.


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