Saturday, April 19, 2008

Sorry for the sparse posting. It's been intense for the past week. A performing opportunity was considered that would have brought major upheaval. Now that I have found out that it isn't going to happen, I'm aware of just how exhausting it all was. There are other (professional) dramas as well. Now, I'll do my best to just plow ahead. Started a recording project at Gary's last night. I should have a new "old toons" CD in time for the festivals. Oh, and months after Jason started posting from Sullivans, the "heavy hand" comes down (so now the video below is no longer viewable). Played with Steve Beskrone there on Tuesday night. In all likelihood, that's the last one, as they are moving to a pop toons format. Amazing that it took this long (9 or 10 years) to happen. Looking forward to settling back in without gazing over my shoulder, or across the country.


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