Monday, March 03, 2008

Late on Sunday night. Sorry about letting the past week and a half slip by. Enjoyed the third "installment" (one more to go) of the Jazz Vespers Service series at Newark Nazarene this evening. Although I am behind in my YouTube posting, with a significant backlog (and not only here), this is one of those that gets moved to the front of the line (top of the pile). In a case like this, I try to get the first post up the same evening. Am ripping the video now as I write. A little Midiri (wabbit) season here, with a public concert in South Jersey last night, the Vespers tonight, and a trip to Monterey Ca (Jazz Bash By the Bay) this weekend. Am flying out Thursday morning (will leave my house around 4:30am), seperate from the rest of the band (which led to problems last trip, but hopefully not this time). Much to do in the meantime, as the landscape is cluttered. Need to rake the leaves.


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