Monday, January 28, 2008

Just completed a couple of nights with the Midiri band at the Golden Inn, in Avalon, NJ. Over the last 10 tears or so, we have played (at least) several dozen of these getaway package promotions. I say we, but, in recent years, I "gave up my seat" (for pragmatic reasons), and now I just sub here for Pat Mercuri (the regular guitarist) when he isn't available. When the children were little, we always looked forward to all coming down for a (off season, so no swimming) weekend at the beach. Giving up the regular call was a hard decision, but was the means that cleared my schedule to accept the staff position at the Chestertown Church of the Nazarene that I held for 3 years. At any rate, whenever I am here, I always try to take a walk on the beach. It's a good place to "encounter" God.


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