Monday, January 21, 2008

Have been enjoying being home, in an unusual string of days of no gigging. Lots to do, of course, but am enjoying going between things, picking and choosing, "business" and "personal". Came across a thought from a couple of weeks ago: "Here’s how I see myself: Jazz may describe, but not contain me. I wish not to be known by a style or label - but by the connections made by the music I perform." Am increasingly persuaded that these connections - at least for now - are to continue to be maintained and perpetuated thru personal networking. In other words: to continue what I'm doing, and to develop that more fully.
Got a nice surprise a few days ago:

This performance took place in June of '06, only weeks after the initial "enlightenment" about performance as a spiritual discipline, and the resultant "born-again-like" experience of freedom. I knew this existed on video, but was not able to acquire it (though I tried), as I really wanted this to kick off my youtube channel. Now, instead, it (practically) closes out my initial channel, as I move on to a new channel for 2008. Cool.


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