Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Now here is something really cool.

The end of the video will provide some context - and going to the post for this video (by clicking on it) will add more.
Zach (Zachoreeno on youtube) is a 14 yr old (I think) pianist who, in addition to his classical studies, enjoys the likes of Harry Connick Jr. and others. Apparently searching for versions of"Sunny Side of the Street" some weeks ago, he found mine - and registered a brief comment of approval. Now aware of Zach, I visited his youtube channel, and saw a young talent who, in some important ways reminded me of myself at his age. I left my own little comment of encouragement (and approval) and went on my way. Toady, Zach's father e-mails me:
"A while back you were kind enough to respond to my son Zachary (aka Zachoreeno)YouTube posting of Godfather Jazz style, and I thank you for your kind words. You have encouraged and inspired him. He recently recorded 'Sunny Side of the Street' and he gives a nod to you and Harry Connick Jr as his inspirations. I thought you might want to see it..."
Go ahead, play it, it's pretty neat. Good job Zach!
At the time that I was engrossed in the "Do You Hear What I Hear" concert project, and living the role of providing inspiration/motivation to those physically present around me, this little seed was out there (out of earshot) doing it's thing. Way cool! Just wanted to share. Now go on, check out more of Zach. I'll be here when you get back :)


Anonymous Jonathan said...

That's awesome! You're my hero, too!

Friday, January 04, 2008  

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