Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve. The dust settles ("the" defining the pace of my, largely, professional activity over the last several weeks, while other dust - of household Christmas preparation, is stirred). Looking back over the last few weeks, I can see (the continuation of) new discoveries, beginnings, and possibilities. Looking ahead, I embrace providence, and promise. In an e-mail I received earlier this evening from a friend: "... I wish you only the best for 2008. I truly believe it will be YOUR year!!!" We all get our time to live and fulfil our calling. Oscar Peterson passed today. He relentlessly found and lived his purpose. He inspired and blessed us (me, anyway). The "old guard" continues to dwindle. I'm no Oscar Peterson, but do feel some connection to what he represented. As such, my presence "on the scene" is no less important tomorrow than yesterday, and perhaps more so. What defines the "scene" may be, all told, the story of 2008 for me. Let providence and promise play out.


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