Thursday, November 29, 2007

The "gearing up" has begun! Also, the encouragement continues. Tonite, all of the loose ends came together in our rehearsal preparation for "Do You Hear What I Hear"; our show at the local theatre in 2 weeks. Actually, it was pretty amazing, and quite spiritual. I've been told (and hear) over and over again that I can get people to express/create beyond themselves. I expressed that poorly, my version would be: I think I (often) know the limits of how far I can get someone to "stretch" in a motivational setting. And, I can (often) accurately envision that which is yet to exist. That's the part of me that keeps showing up, but I (perhaps) have never properly harnessed. Safe to say, we are all "jazzed" after tonite. The solo jazz vespers gig, this past Sunday, was also a successful "stretch", for me. Solo creative playing is my long view focus now (not much change, really). It's all good.


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