Saturday, November 17, 2007

Just received this from Gary (Midiri band bassist and tech crew), taken last Sunday at the Norris Center, in greater L.A. (Ca). This trip was at the tail end of an intense few weeks. For the next few days, i will enjoy some "breathing room" in my schedule, then after Thanksgiving, it really kicks in. All in my local area, however, so it will be (or seem) more manageable. Last night I had a gig with Vessa (and Max Murray), which impressed on me that I have been (largely) out of the local scene for about a month. I was ushered back in, however, with the irrepressible Vessa (closest I will ever come to accompanying Jerry Lewis), and Max - who can actually "keep up" with her (no hope for me there, I just become the straight man - no reference to the gig being in Rehoboth intended). I was not entirely joking when I suggested that the two of them pay a visit to a comedy club. I'll try to remember to add Max's name (on my schedule) to any gig with Vessa that he is on as well, so you'll have the inside scoop. My next public gig is Sunday 11/25 at the Jazz Vespers of the First Presbyterian Church in Pitman, NJ (which will stand in contrast to last night). I'm looking forward to the opportunity to express improvisationaly, solo piano, and am looking to push my own envelope a little bit. Come on out, if you can!


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