Thursday, December 13, 2007

(Late Wednesday night). Okay, let's catch up a little.
Tonite was "dress rehearsal" for the Prince Theatre concert this weekend. It's difficult to describe how strong this show is. It's worth a trip to Chestertown if you can make it. Really.
Next item - I have just completed listing myself (though still working out "bugs") on the Concerts in your Home website. please pass on the link to anyone whom you feel may be interested (or for yourself, perhaps?):
More - Just received an encouraging e-mail from Johnny, from which comes this brief excerpt:
"I work in the daytime and generally watch TV in the evening. My TV set has not been on much lately. Joe Holt's Radio Show online is the reason. I started listening to your radio shows in order from February 2, 2006 and I am now up to October 28, 2007. By the end of this week, I shall have heard them all. What wonderful, enjoyable and inspiring music and commentary. Thank you, thank you, for being online. And for being humble and noble, YOU."
Finally - It must be official now, I'm really "in" with "Holly Lane and Shore Jazz". How else could you explain this (from left - Holly, me, John, Mike)?:
What can I say?


Anonymous Jonathan said...

You look great as an elf!

Saturday, December 15, 2007  

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