Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!
Had a "triple" last night - first time for New Year's Eve. A little bit of a grind, but, for the most part, quite satisfying. Met someone at my later (public) gig who came to the December production at the Prince. He (like everyone else, including us) was moved by the performance. it felt like we (as performers) had a special secret in our grip, that we got to share with whomever would enter the Theatre. We'll see where it all goes from here. Have you checked out the youtube playlist yet? The entire show - mostly Sunday's performance - is posted (in 19 individual video clips) on a "playlist". Go to the main page for my 2007 youtube site, and you'll find it there. Also - you may notice, when you click the video link (above, or from my website) that you are now directed to the "Joe Holt's Notes Cinema" page, where you can choose between my 2007 performance channel, or my new 2008 channel (video coming soon). 21,000 views now (in 7 months), and still growing! It's a cool thing.


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