Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just a brief check in here. Today we topped 25,000 views on my YouTube videos (from June '07)! Let's see if we can't double that by my one year "anniversary" :)
Been getting some cool ideas/inspirations. We'll see which of these "bears fruit".
Yesterday was the last in a )short) string of "gig-less" days. Don 't have enough of them. It was really nice to be home. Although still burning the candle at, at least, one end, it was also a time of consistent family (evening) meals, movies (okay, I watched 2 - but that's an improvement!), and games (finally understand Sudoku - wonder if that means I'm ready to understand music editing software?). Speaking of out of the ordinary - for, at least, the short term, I (along with bassist Dave Ross) have picked up a steady restaurant gig (which works now, before the heavy travelling kicks in). The Inn at 202 Dover, in Easton, Md, is implementing a kind of "supper club" context. We start with Thursdays, beginning on 1/31. Stop in, if it works.


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