Thursday, March 20, 2008

Had a wonderful experience yesterday, beginning a new music therapy contract in a Wilmington, De nursing facility. I’ve a long standing relationship there, but only as an "entertainer". In recent months, the AD and I have been talking, at first, casually, about creating a regular schedule which would include 1:1 visits, and now we have made it happen. 4 new residents (to visit each time I go to the facility), and 4 striking responses. As positive as could be. It was exhilarating, gratifying, humbling, and affirming. It all comes together to smack me to realize the importance of this "stripe" of what I do, and my calling to continue on it. I was not planning to cease, but had determined to let attrition set in, and condense my time in this realm (also, stopping all networking/sales work here, instead devoting it all to the public events, and broader audiences). As is often the case, I have moved out ahead of myself. Though I am at a new and substantive (it seems) "place" in artistic expression, it’s not like that triggers a red carpet to be rolled out for me. Of course, I know that, but that doesn’t keep my head from clouding up a little. With regard to the nursing home work: I am aware of the reality that, at a certain point in time, the percentage of "next-generation" seniors will be such that the cultural connection (big-band era-ish) I can make with the residents will no longer be valid. Again, running ahead of myself. Still more work to do, and still time to do it. I took the video camera today to an assisted living facility, and captured this connection (thru the musical expression), and will try to post from this in the coming days. Sometimes I spend too much time gazing at the periphery. I’m not saying I’m not moving forward with growth in the realm of public events, just that there’s still more good to be accomplished (at the same time, perhaps) where I already am. This has been made abundantly clear to me. Speaking of public events, I have learned that I will be given a solo concert slot at the Prince Theatre (Chestertown, Md) in the fall, perhaps November. This will be a good "test" of the weight of these connections (meaning, in part, how many will come). Feeling good tonite, and not hiding God from my own view.


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