Sunday, March 09, 2008

Saturday evening now (my laptop is still on east coast time, so it thinks it's later than it really is - relatively speaking). We have completed 6 out of 8 sets/shows, with 2 more to go tomorrow. This has been (for the most part) very nice. I enjoyed the quiet day of travel, the quality pianos (better than any other festival so far), hanging with my friend, Gary (til 2am, or was it 5am? - my body is confused), and making the music. I threw the video camera up for one set, which happened to be our best (early this afternoon). I'll make it a priority to check it out when I get home, and get a post up from here. The above photo was taken from the pier when I ventured out this afternoon for the obligatory bowl of clam chowder (we are in Monterey, California). Now, I'll go poke my head into the room with the "jam session" (which I usually avoid - I'll attempt an explanation another time), and then grab the shuttle back to our hotel. We lose an hour of sleep tonite (or maybe an hour of drinking for some of the guys), so I'll try to curb the night owl tendencies.


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