Thursday, March 06, 2008

Festival time! So far, so good in the travel department. Am awaiting my puddle-jumper connection in San Fransisco to Monterey. Again, I'm travelling apart from the rest of the crew, but hopefully, we'll all get there (unlike last trip) when we're supposed to. This time the alternative travel was on purpose, as I chose to fly out of BWI instead of Phila. Closer to home, and so much nicer! Other then feeling zombie-esque from being up from 3am (equivalent to midnight here) with insufficient sleep, it's all going great. I'm enjoying the tranquility. Was supposed to take Charie' with me, until I discovered that we booked her over her school play. She (and I) was/were disappointed at first, but now looking forward to trying again for Mammoth in July. I'm missing my gig at the Inn at 202 Dover tonite, but Dave got Jim Lester to sub. I'm sure the music will be fine. Ooh, look, a row of seats opened up to lie down....


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