Friday, April 04, 2008

Late Thursday night. Enjoyed watching some video posts of my friend, Jason Long playing with bassist Peter Paulsen recently at Sullivan's. The video quality and camera angle are fantastic given the constraints of the gig. Yes, this is THAT Sullivan's, where I (as well as Jason, and others) have played for years since it's opening in (I think) the late '90s. Among the recent decisions, considerations, and reconsiderations I've made is to put myself back into the "pool" of musicians for monthly scheduling. I was given 2 dates in April, and one of them (4/1, which never made my web-schedule) was "sacrificed" to the flu. Now my "anti-climatic return" will be on April 15 (where tax filing day suggests to this armchair psychologist mixed signals over the impact on customer turnout for a pseudo-pricey steakhouse), exactly one year after stepping aside. This video (with great playing by Jason and Peter), although limited visually, still gives a sense of the "feel" of Sullivan's (Wilmington, De). If you have any money left on the evening of April 15th, come on over (the food is excellent). I'll be with Steve Beskrone (bass), same as last year.


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