Sunday, June 01, 2008

After doing good for a few months, and getting the newsletter out just prior to the beginning of the month, this one will take an additional day or two. Not bad, though. Am staying on track, however, with the video posting. Each month I'll dig up a new post (until the cupboard is bare) from the 2007 video stash to add to the 2007 (original) YouTube channel. Perhaps I'm silly (yeah...), but made the decision upon the New Year to set up a new channel for each year. This keeps the original (and each additional) channel from getting too cluttered. It however, created confusion of a different sort. When new viewers visit one of the 90 video posts on my (original) channel, and decide to "subscribe" (to be notified of new posts), the flaw in my plan is evidenced. My current posting is occurring somewhere else (on my new channel). This is why I'm continuing to post 1x/mo on the original channel. Subscribers will be notified of the new post, which will, in the video notes, inform them of the new channel. It's a solution for now. Yes, it creates new clutter, but that happens to be a gift of mine. I'm just learning how to appreciate it.


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