Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Late Tuesday evening. Met for nearly 3 hours today with Steve Arnold; Executive Producing Director of the Church Hill Theatre, where I signed on as musical director for "Once On This Island". I can trace, over the years, the path that has led me here. "Here" could be described as the potential beginning of a new path, but not really. A deepening or broadening of the road travelled - developing connections with those around me through the arts and it's expression - would be a more holistic, and more fitting description. I have previously written here (I believe) that the work (essentially an "equipping ministry") I did in the church, I've discovered, transfers to the theatre. Yes, the work of God; revealed thru and in creation, and creative expression. Now I can coach and encourage in a new venue. As I see it, this doesn't take me off of my path, just, as stated, broadens it. It's all cool.


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