Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Late Tuesday evening, and a brief check-in. Finished up the auditions for "Once On This Island" this evening. Also made the casting decisions, but don't ask me (yet) :) Still have a lot of "shedding" to do on the book. One more post to complete the "pianorama" set from Mammoth - hopefully tomorrow. Click through the above post of the Maple Leaf Rag to see the "annotations", and to find the additional posts. Also, a nice gig with Holly Lane and Shore Jazz last night in Ocean City, Md. Had a nice time with Robbie (my youngest) who rode down with me, and sat thru the entire 1 1/2hr show. Look for a post or two from that sometime soon. Also, some good prospects for solo concerts in the near future. The busyness is thickening. God is (always) at work. Speaking of God, have made the decision to utilize "GodTube" for future Christian song posting. Will be setting that up in the coming weeks. Busyness.


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