Sunday, August 10, 2008

Still Saturday night. Walking back thru the Hilton from our final set (pictured). Weird schedule, but worked out for me. Our sets today didn't begin until 5pm(!). The part that worked out was that I started not feeling well by the late morning. By early afternoon, it would have been difficult to have been on the bandstand. By late afternoon, through lots of ginger ale, and taking it easy (but getting no work done - the flip side to taking it easy), I was back on my feet. We had 3 good sets, and I felt connected throughout. Only 2 sets tomorrow, then it will be over (too quickly). One thing about going home - I won't be thinking about having to go back to the humidity. Apparently, we brought it with us, and it has felt like "home" all weekend. Sorry, Orange County!


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