Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Winding down late Monday evening (the post listing as Tuesday because it's now after midnight). Have lately taken Monday as my "day off" (when I try to wrestle myself from the routines), but have postponed that until later in the week, in part, to deal with the end of the month stuff. I feel good (though, honestly, somewhat vulnerable) about the current vision, and general state of things regarding my career and creative expression. Wrote a long e-mail to someone today about where I feel I am now. Looking at it, upon completion, as apt to copy in a portion for "public view":
"This has been an intense few months, and now the "smoke is beginning to thin", and I can begin to access the landscape. Perhaps the most important recent "development" is the dissolution of my involvement with the Midiri Brothers touring band. This was settled upon - amicably - a week ago upon returning home from Sun Valley. Lots of implications and possibilities here. It really does seem time now to go full tilt toward building my future on solo piano concerts (while, of course, continuing to participate in other adventures). Am looking to my concert at the Prince on 11/14 as a potential turning point, on several levels. Stylistically, and in approach, I am looking to push the borders (starting with the Prince): both in the movement toward more contemporary tunes, and in improvisational performance beyond the trad conception of jazz - including beginning to incorporate classical literature. Have to say that I feel wholly in sync with the concepts expressed by Keith Jarrett in the "Art of Improvisation" interview. Though it all may still correctly be considered "jazz" (at least broadly), the use of that term does not invite the connection to a broader audience that I intend to build. Notice the title of the Prince concert (both on my site, and theirs): "An Evening of Piano Improvisation". Am hopeful for, and am working toward a strong turnout on 11/14 (a full house?). I continue to embrace that God is at work."


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