Monday, November 10, 2008

Coming Friday.... Suffice to say, I'm really looking forward to this. In many respects, this is symbolic (at least) to me of a new starting point, and somewhat of a redefinition of my public performances. Depending how you define jazz, sure, I play it - but now I am wholly persuaded that is the wrong description of what I (at least intend to) project. Perhaps the real problem in jazz, especially among many practitioners, are the agendas. This style, that approach, this era, that statement. I had a wonderful gig Saturday night subbing at a private club with two great Phila area musicians, neither of whom I knew or knew me. What we all appreciated about the gig was the shared creativity, enjoying what each other had to "say", and stretching on the lesser trod paths. Improvisation is now my term of choice (at least for my solo performances): no agendas, no pretense, just a connection - beyond me, and beyond my limitations.


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