Friday, July 31, 2009

Another long lapse since last checking in. Will try to do better. Not like I've been sitting on my hands, though (which would never work). (Oops) I did it again, and accepted the position of Musical Director for the fall (contemporary - as opposed to the spring "classic") musical at Church Hill Theatre. Auditions ended Tuesday evening, but casting was not resolved until this morning. We will all have a challenge on our hands for this one, (and perhaps) especially me, as this is the rare (and before last year's production, virtually non-existent) "reading" gig. Feeling a little less overwhelmed about this one, but still will be putting in many hours of prep. My reading chops are far from where they should be, as all the eggs rolled to the improv side of my basket. The good part of that is the acknowledgment of weakness, and the recognition of strength. I can work to strengthen the weakness, while also getting deeper into where my specific gifts are. Recent gigging has been nothing short of awesome. Nonetheless, I am continually humbled by (even more) awesome possibilities. Watched a bunch of YouTube jazz video with Robbie the other night (who is now a big fan of McCoy Tyner, and Marcus Roberts, among others). Humbled and inspired. Practice, practice, practice.


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