Sunday, July 12, 2009

I did it again (or, more accurately, didn't). Nearly 2 weeks since my last post. Guess I've been busy :) I'm sure any reasonable observer (knowing all the details) would advise that I am involved in too many "projects" - but who (among the productive) isn't. Still gigging most every day - not shown on the schedule as they are almost all private/corporate. Most of my promotional energy is (and has been) spent on creating public concert opportunities (like the Mainstay concert in October). If I allowed myself (and sometimes I fail in the restraint), it could get a little frustrating that more dates aren't finalized. Right now a number of public events are stuck in the cattle-shoot. The gigs will happen, but (typically) won't "close" until after (or late) Summer. Just keep plugging, and eventually everything will fall into place. Busyness includes, of course, the household "chores". For me this includes much of the cooking and food shopping (by choice - I like it). Occasionally I have a little fun filling up a shopping cart at the Dollar Tree (yes - a dollar store - check it out). Carol and I watch the "Clark Howard Show" (money management guru-type) on HLN each week. Clark would be impressed :)


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