Monday, April 06, 2009

Here is a view that I haven’t had in about 15 years. Some don’t know that, from 1979 to 1990 (age 19 to 30) I was the organist and music director of a church in NJ (where I grew up). In fact, my major instrument in college wound up being split between piano and (classical) organ, where I had the benefit of studies with Dennis Elwell. The organ is a entirely different beast than the piano, and, back in the day, I enjoyed traveling that unique path, alongside of the piano. When I put it down, though, it was for good. Well, maybe. Over the past months of enjoying (yes, enjoying) worshipping at the Presbyterian Church of Chestertown (and “hanging with the musicians” “after the gig” :) ), the bug that has either remained dormant within me, or that Kate (the smiling organist) has somehow passed on, appears to have bitten. Took my first crack (in many years) at it today. It’s a waaaay different animal. Okay, first, I need to find shoes….


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