Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It finally happened. Don't think this is easy, it has actually taken lots of practice on the Wii to get here. Back when I was bowling for real, I never quite made it. Came close, though, somewhere around 10 "279" games (11 strikes and one 9/spare from frames 2 to 9). All in practice, though, since by that time I was gigging every night and couldn't bowl in a sanctioned league anymore. Having the Wii has been a nice little distraction at home for a few minutes at a time (okay, sometimes as long as half an hour). Back in the real world...
From an e-mail to a friend earlier today:
"Our Women Helping Women (to be performed Thursday at the Prince - I am "musical director" this year) rehearsal was last night. A change this year in that individual presentations are replaced by group efforts. Solos exist only within/alongside of ensembles, and everyone participates. I'm surprised and pleased with how strong it is. Memories of my CCN (Chestertown Church of the Nazarene, where I served as Worship Arts Director) days, as groups self harmonize, and I scribble down my own chord chart as I hear a song for the first time. Did I tell you of my near uprooting last year to take a theatre gig in Cripple Creek Colorado? When I walked out last night into the sleepy town, I could imagine I was there, going home after another night at the theatre. Weird, but good. Also, I'm going to accept Steve's musical (Triumph of Love) for this fall at CHT (Church Hill Theatre). Have had some discouragements lately, and it's nice to be reminded of the joy of uplifting others through support and encouragement, and to be reminded of God's presence in the small places."
That last part keeps being driven home. It's a beautiful thing.


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