Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Back in October of '07, I copied in a Dave McKenna video, and now discover that it has been removed. Here is (I believe) the same video clip, reposted by someone else. Fortunately, there is now much more of Dave available on YouTube. Sadly, Dave passed last October ('08) at the age of 78. It may be starting to sink in that I am somewhat of a "spiritual descendant" of this approach to playing. It is also sinking in that, as I attempt to reach out to more of a "general public" audience through my "Piano Improvisation" concerts, that it is not the only road I am called to travel. There is also the "Seniors" audience, which has given me much opportunity over the last 15 years - the "Christian" audience, where there appears to remain a niche (even if a small one) for an arts-based approach, and - the "Jazz" audience. To be honest, the latter has fallen off my "radar screen"of late, but I now feel called to reevaluate, in light of recent events (within my life, and outside of it). I'll be more earnestly studying (and enjoying) Dave's music now, as I consider the void this wonderful (and humble) musician has left in the jazz community.


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