Friday, January 09, 2009

Today it happened, we passed 100,000 total views on my video channels. Although I have a (slow but) steady stream of new subscribers and commenting visitors, my channels have not achieved the momentum of some of the pianists who post (particularly those who post jazz education videos). I'm actually in a funny kind of non-category, as categories go. Not purely "trad" jazz, not (to some) truly "modern" jazz, certainly not "smooth" jazz, sometimes not even "jazz" at all (fine with me, as I am largely avoiding that word in describing myself these days). This I'm used to: people "find" me, one listener at a time. Discoveries are good, vital, really. As you may know, although jazz fans are among those who "find" me, I'm really not playing to this narrow niche. Rather, seeking to "connect" with whoever is in the room (as much as I can). This is misinterpreted by a few as "compromise", or a lack of proper substance. I believe (and hope) that it is best understood as authenticity. It took many years to come to understand who, as an artist, I am. Now, I feel I can run with it.


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