Thursday, December 11, 2008

Uncle John wants you!!

Going to an event/gig is often knowing little more than when it starts, and what to wear. Everything else you need to know, is learned upon arrival, or "in flight". Turns out that I was the "House accompanist" for a 2 hour fund raiser this morning for the Prince Theatre on WCTR (the local radio station). What fun! Got to accompany John Schratwieser, and Sue Matthews (2 of my favorites!), and just hang and take it all in. Also "tutored" Sue on e-mailing cell phone pictures to yourself (as she was surprised to see the mornings "festivities" on my laptop). It appears that she really thinks I know what I'm doing :) With apologies to the few participants I missed, the remaining pictures are posted in the next entry (above - dated tomorrow, as is just past midnight), without comment.


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