Saturday, December 06, 2008

Just received the following message in a text comment box from one of my YouTube posts (edited):
"I don't even know where to begin. Maybe just, "How much fun must it be, to be Joe Holt?" I'm overwhelmed, agonizingly envious, and thankful for having discovered a master pianist. 'And I subscribe to 'em all, Mr. Holt, ******, ******, ******...etc. All gifted; generous in sharing their talents. But the "happiness" with which you generate achingly inventive, wonderful sounds from that instrument is utterly compelling. This is my first "text comment post" ever. Glad it goes to you. "

My reply:
"Me too. The most "fun" of all is the growing understanding of the "connections" that the music facilitates. I'm 48 years old, and in many respects, I feel (almost) like a teenager (with a 48 year old's worldview) :) Your comment (and others like it) provides needed validation and encouragement as I travel this path, and I am most appreciative..."

I don't know if a day goes by anymore where my "conviction" of this "calling" is not encouraged/validated. Just telling Carol (my wife) earlier today that I am feeling this on nearly every gig. Honestly, though, am seeing this from the "big picture" perspective: I have now, by God's good grace, been able to set a foot into the door of this next "place", and am met with both the awe and gratitude of "arrival", and the sobering humility of the growth opportunities that lie ahead, as well as the joyful anticipation this brings.
All of this said, it seems realistic now that I begin this path of "solo improv" concerts; sharing "discoveries" with new friends. No illusion here that this isn't the beginning of another long (and winding) road. In fact, I've recently put on paper my 5 year plan/goals for this path. One step at a time.


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