Sunday, November 16, 2008

Now late Saturday night. No gig tonight, so I went with Carol to see "Crucible" performed at QAC High School, where Charie (techie girl) was running lights. I have a new friend in Shelagh Grasso, the drama teacher who brought her classical pianist father to my Prince Theatre concert last night. Also Marsha, Barbi, and Trevor from "Island", and many other friends. Last night forged a new diameter for the envelope, and was (at least) one of my better performances. Captured it all on video - give me a week or so for YouTube posts, and a concert playlist. Rob (Hilty) also came over to record the show for me. Might I (finally) have a "live in concert" CD that I am willing to release? I'll let you know. Thanks to all who came. it was a blast!!


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