Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The race is on, and the finish line may be just a little too far away. It would be cool if I could reach 100,000 total video views by the end of the year. As of now, we're at 94,703 (combined total). In YouTube land, these are not really big numbers, believe it or not. Nonetheless, YouTube has made a major impact in reaching those who are specifically interested in what I am doing, and I have made many new connections. There is no geographic discrimination on line, so now I have friends everywhere. Curiously, this is not really in synch with with my current performance plan, which is wholly local/regional (for now). I can imagine, though, over time, that everything will merge in God's good plan. Perhaps, when it's the right time to push out the borders of solo piano improv concerts, an audience will already be in place. Right now, we're working on the momentum where I live. My next solo improv concert is at the Church Hill (MD) Theatre on Fri 1/30/09. I am told there is already a group of 25 planning to come, originating from a single (enthusiastic) person who attended the Prince last month. Just one little pocket where the "buzz" is apparently spreading. Exciting stuff. If only for the clarity of vision, and purpose that I have found for my career in recent months, then 2008 truly is"my year" (thanks, Ruthie!)


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