Saturday, January 03, 2009

The waning days of Christmas (count to twelve, or, if a musician, count to 4 - 3 times). The lower photo is from my New Year's eve gig with Dave Ross (his gig, but I get to tag along) at "The Inn at 202 Dover", in Easton MD. As upscale as an Inn/B&B can be. Just a small slice of the "atmosphere". The top photo is a "slice" of the super-sized (live) Christmas tree still situated (as of tonite, anyway) in the lobby of the Globe, in Berlin, MD, where I gigged with Mike and Holly. A part of me remains melancholy, bordering on sad about now, as Christmas retreats. That's the worst part about Christmas - it ends. Okay, not the meaning, but you still get it. In opposition to all this, however, our live tree (that we've had for over three weeks) is still taking water at near the pint a day rate as when we first brought it home. Never had this happen before. Usually it quits after the first few days (if not right away), and by now, the needles are starting to pile up (Carol "decrees" that the tree stay up until at least her birthday -1/14). Never in a hurry to "disassemble" Christmas. Hope yours was joyful. Happy New Year!


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