Saturday, March 21, 2009

Here comes the sun!
Decided a few days ago that I would try to get to bed (a little) earlier, so that I can keep going after the bus leaves for school in the morning (by 6:45am - often, I would try to catch 45 minutes or so of additional sleep). Along with this is the reinstatement of the morning (power-ish) walk. This morning (yes, I know it's Saturday, but disciplines are disciplines) I watched the sun rise as I shuffled up the road.
Every day is new. A reminder of the obvious doesn't hurt when things (in some realms) feel stuck, or glued in place. Am waiting or a few things to finalize, including a fall solo performance date at the Mainstay (My last dedicated solo concert there was in '05). This is encouraging, as now I have relationships as a solo performer with the 3 area concert venues (including the Prince and Church Hill theatres). Gigging is a little lighter than it should be, at present, but all things at the proper time.


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