Friday, August 10, 2018

Yesterday, I attempted another recording session toward my solo project that I intend to release later this year. Listening today, am warming up to parts of it. Yesterday, little, if any of it was working for me. Throughout the session, I had trouble settling into the space. And just that circumstance can pretty much insure that you won't find it. It's easy to self diagnose, looking back, and realize that I didn't really approach stillness. In the quiet anxiety of bypassing stillness, the path can be hard to find. Because it involves stillness. But the other thing I've come to learn is that an agenda driven circumstance can tend to bypass the moment that may present itself. As much as it is practical (and likely beyond that as well) I purpose to align myself with the moment I find. But going where it takes me might land me far afield from the outcome I sought. So then my task becomes to seek the outcome that presents itself. And when I fail, I can say thank you, and carry on.


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