Friday, March 30, 2018

Kent County Maryland, where I live, is the least inhabited county in the state. The center of gravity (and county seat) is Chestertown, with a population of just over 5,000. Leave town and you travel through miles of farmland. Enter town and you almost enter another world, where an entire downtown is designated as a Maryland State Arts and entertainment District, and artists of all stripes have a home, and a community. Perhaps the single event that most drives this home is the annual Women Helping Women fundraising concert. Originally established to support the work of Dr. Maria Boria to provide medical services to area migrant workers, the charitable outreach has expanded to included support services for the local opioid addiction epidemic, among others. Now in it's 13th year, this event has become a showcase for locally based performing artists, and seems to find a way to raise the bar every year. I'm privileged to serve as musical director each year, and accompany nearly every wonderful performer. This show is worth the trip to Chestertown and an overnight stay to see. Do it next year.


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