Friday, December 29, 2017

This is that time when I am working on tying up the loose ends to renew my Music Therapy certification (MT-BC) for another cycle, and not a day too soon, as I'll head for the post office in the morning to get that important 2017 postmark. The wonderful group of students pictured above are members and friends of the Washington College student group "Musicians Union" (don't think ACLU). What started, early last semester, with a request that I come and speak to the group about Music Therapy, has become a monthly visit to the health care unit at Heron Point in Chestertown, where the students gain experience presenting music and interacting with the residents, while I have the privilege of guiding the process. The smiles on their faces reflect their genuine enthusiasm.
When I first spoke with the group, I told them that this is a just piece of the bigger picture of what we ought to do whenever we make music: look out. Take the focus off yourself, and make the connections beyond you, and with others. It all starts there. That didn't really sink in with me until well into my 30's. Happy to have the chance to point others toward getting it sooner.


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