Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What a remarkable ride! We started Mainstay Mondays on a trial basis on Memorial Day, 2016, and wound up the year on December 19 - 30 shows later, with Mainstay Mondays having permanent status, and 50 shows(!) planned for 2017. This is a most unique series, where I partner with a new guest artist (occasionally more than one) to create a new collaborative show each week. And this series may be the most uniquely suited to me of anything I've done. I've learned so much here, and if I were in the habit of blogging daily (or a least more often, as in times past), I could probably fill many web pages. Hopefully you are connected with my Facebook musician page, where I do share happenings a few times each week. The picture above is from the final Monday show of 2016, with guest Lester Barrett. Scroll down on my Facebook page a bit to find more shots posted from that evening. And come see me some Monday in 2017     :) 
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